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    How to improve the UI of my website

    I have a website built with wordpress. It is a blog and I post articles daily. It seems that the layout is ugly. How to improve the UI of the article to offer better user experience?  This is one example of the post :

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    The layout is pretty much like most websites -- content > sidebar.


    For me it's the site's color scheme.  But, colors are subjective, right? 😉


    The blue footer seems to be different than the blue links.  The green social icons with the gray header honeycomb background don't meld well.  Your logo has an additional green and there are lots of different pastels (lavender and gray in the sidebar) mixed in too.  


    Try changing the footer to the same color as the link color -- or visa versa.  Then, getting rid of the header background image and going with a flat color could tie things together better. 


    On the home page the slider quotes are in yet another color --  yellow.  I would have the quotes be white.


    Maybe create a color palette and coordinate 2-3 complimentary colors from that throughout the site? Sticking with 2-3 colors throughout can help make the site more visually appealing.


    HTH! 😉


    "Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone