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    Landing Page

    So from my understanding a landing page is different from you basic home page on your website? I never really knew that till recently.  I had a friend make our html webpage, I am pretty good when it comes to editing it. Thanks to google and you tube. My question is how can I create a landing page and add it to go my godaddy who does out webhosting? Is it something that there is a template for? Not really sure where to start. Any advice would help.



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    Re: Landing Page



    A landing page is basically a page that has no distractions (headers, sidebars, menus, footers) and just contains the primary call to action.   You would include your product's information, upsell, how to purchase, buttons to your cart or payment provider, etc.


    Do a search for HTML landing page templates at your favorite search engine.   You then add your own content, name it whatever you like and then upload it to your hosting server via FTP as you do when you update your other pages. 


    HTH! 😉


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    Re: Landing Page

    Thank you @Muse! I will try that!