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    My Website is too Slow

    Hi There,


    My website is too slow. What should I do to improve the page load speed?

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    You'll want to run your site through and you'll get a report that shows you exactly what needs to be addressed.  😉





    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    Getting Started

    Hi @Meenu_Makan 


    I have tested your site on GTmetrix where the loading time was more than 5 secs and the page size is 2.2 MB which is really high.


    You can speed up your WordPress site by using

    •  Autoptimize for minification & caching,
    • WP youtube Lyte for hosting Youtube videos locally.
    • Host google fonts & analytics locally using flying fonts & flying fonts plugin.
    • Disable unused CSS & Javascript using Perfmatter or asset clean-up plugin.
    • Delay loading of third-party script using the flying script.