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    My website is not working properly on mobile


    I'm working on my wesite www.soloborges.com and for some reason when you try to open the website in a phone (iphone) you can't see the whole bar with buttons that normally seats under the picture of the main page, that means that you can't navigate through the website. Also, the picture that is fixed in the back, is gone in the mobile devices. Any advise would be really appreciated.


    Thank you

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    Super User III

    It appears the theme you're using is responsive and on mobile there's a toggle for the menu.  But for some reason that toggle is the same color as the background.


    .menu-toggle div {
        background-color: #ffffff;

    #ffffff is white, the same as the background.

    #000000 would be black.


    You can find the hex code (# followed by 6 characters) for other colors at https://htmlcolorcodes.com/