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    Subdomain url issue - installed Letsencrypt's SSL certificate.



    I have created a subdomain dcms.beyondgains.com and installed Letsencrypt's SSL certificate. However, when I access the website using dcms.beyondgains.com it says that there is no certificate to this website. So im having to manually type https://dcms.beyondgains.com to enable the secure website status. 


    Further, im using cloud flare DNS so accessing the website with www.dcms.beyondgains.com is also not possible. I wonder how can I fix this too as cloudflare says it doesn't support a www. prefix and to enable that I would have spend 100+ Usd a year. 

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    In your DNS find the record for dcms and create another for www.dcms pointing to the same place.

    Dear Nate, 


    I tried that but since Im using thirdparty DNS (cloudflare) www.dcms doesnt work. Is there any way to work this out?