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    Suggestions for a business

    I know we are not likely to make money easily without working for it. I have some ".biz" domain names that I am not using. I should put something in them.


    One possibility is to get a GoDaddy Reseller account. I know we can create a reseller website for selling GoDaddy services.


    Does anyone have any other suggestions for a business that can be put in a website without requiring much time? Again, for anyone that expects to make money, they must be wiling to work on it, but I am interested in something I can use more like a parking website.

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    Re: Suggestions for a business

    I have been a GoDaddy Reseller for more than a decade @SamHobbs and have found it to be great. I won't say that it is totally hands off but for the ratio of return it is a great resource. In my experience selling domain names from a portfolio is an fully active proposition. I have occasionally had people reach out to me for a domain in my portfolio but that is the exception not the general method. Does that help a bit?

    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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