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    Website thoughts and feedback of my WordPress site

    Hello I am Darshan jain Owner Of nova Steel Corporation I create This website on WordPress 

    Any thoughts or comments on our website design and feedback are appreciated. 


    Thank you! 

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    Great job, Darshan!  Fast, clean, and very informative!   You can make some minor tweaks if you run your site through, but for the most part, performance-wise, it is on target.


    One thing that stood out to me as a little spammy and may be considered keyword stuffing is the repetitive use of terms in some of your navigation—for example, the last footer widget lower right.   "...manufacturers in India" after every "product" listing.  You are the manufacturer, right?  Having that after every product could be considered keyword stuffing.  And you aren't manufacturers -- you are the manufacturer. I would remove that entirely.


    The other issue is in your top-of-page menus, wherein in the 3rd-tier menu, you repeat the product material with every option.  That isn't necessary either, as it is already stated in the 2nd tier.  For example, if you are in the Stainless Steel drop-down, you don't need to repeat Stainless Steel for every type -- that's a given.  I would also double-check those menus on mobile to see how well they layout being they are so comprehensive.


    These are the primary things that stood out to me, other than I'm not a fan of developers putting links to their site in the footer.  It's your site that you paid for -- not their perpetual advertising platform.


    HTH! 😉




    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin