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    page size auto changing

    ve read through a few pages on related subjects but know one seems to get the same problem as this.


    im trying to adjust the size of my pages so that page ends at the bottom of my side menu, simple enough.


    i set my page size  on home page publish, and the home page cuts off right where i want it, but no other pages do.


     i go to my second page do the same thing, now my second page cuts where i want it. but my home page is magicly longer.


    i go back reset my home page, set my second pages, then set my third pages, all are different, publish now all pages are longer then they should apart from the very last page i published.


    is there any way at all that i can get each page to stay the size i want, and not keep extending them selves every time i change a different page size in the builder.

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