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Community Manager
Community Manager

Check out the new Community Forums

As our Community continues to grow, we'll be adding new forums. We recently made the following changes:


We split our Welcome & Announcements forum to:

Welcome--Learn how to use the Community and introduce yourself!

Announcements--Get GoDaddy news, Community guidelines, and alerts.


We added:

Domain Transfers--Discuss and learn about domain transfers.

GoCentral / Website Builder--Design and build your website using GoDaddy GoCentral / Website Builder.

Managed WordPress Hosting--Learn, ask questions and discuss Managed WordPress Hosting.

cPanel Hosting--Ask questions, get answers, and discuss cPanel (Linux) Hosting.

Office 365 from GoDaddy--Find out how Office 365 can work for your business!

SSL and Security--Security and SSL are critical to your site and your business. Get answers to commonly asked questions, and get recommendations.

Content and SEO Marketing--Exchange ideas and get help for attracting people to your business, including SEO, content strategy, social media, online advertising.

GoDaddy Email Marketing--Learn about GoDaddy Email Marketing products and increasing awareness of your business with our solutions.




GoDaddy Sr. Community Manager
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Separate forum section for auctions please?

Just a request for GoDaddy to consider having a separate forum/section just related to auctions.  I'm finding it cumbersome to search and find posts just related to auction issues in the generic domain category.  Thanks!