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    Wordfence scan not working

    I've had Wordfence installed for some time with no issues. Since I updated the PHP to 7.3 the scan function has stopped working. It returns the following alert "

    • Scan Failed

      The scan has failed to start. This is often because the site either cannot make outbound requests or is blocked from connecting to itself. Click here for steps you can try

    The activity log returns "Scan process ended after forking."


    I have been working with Wordfence support with no success. They have suggested the following:

    Can you reach out to your hosting provider and see if they are able to check on their end if anything is interrupting the connection with Wordfence? It may be a security measure they have in place on their side that is limiting the scan functionality.

    Your web server must be able to connect to port 443 and port 80 of To test if it can do this, you can have them run the following commands.

    Depending on what is installed on your server one or more may work:

    getent hosts

    You can try connecting both to port 80 and port 443. As long as you can connect to both, you should be able to scan. You should see the IP returned.


    My hosting plan is Prime Business Hosting with cPanel. I have been told by customer support that it is not possible to check the ports. Is this correct?


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    Resolver I

    @Seizetheday Could you please check the “Wordfence –> Tools –> Diagnostics” page to see if there are any errors showing?

    Have you checked the PHP logs?

    Hi - as I mentioned above the error message = "Scan process ended after forking." Although the issue seems to have resolved it's self now and the scans are working as they should. I'm not sure why. Although the issue seems to be now occurring intermittently.