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    Unlink facebook in website builder

    I accidentally linked my personal facebook instead of my business facebook.  How do i change this in the website builder?


    Re: Unlink facebook in website builder

    Hello @valerieworster, the Website Builder connection tool only works with Facebook business pages, so I'm not sure how you would have gotten a personal page added there.  I have not heard of this happening before.  I would suggest reaching out to our live customer support to have them review your Website Builder & identify why that happened.  Thanks.




    Re: Unlink facebook in website builder

    This happened to me also. I had to log out of FB and Twitter to stop people from having complete access to my accounts in both. Every time I log in to Facebook, my account goes live for website visitors to get into; just awesome

    Re: Unlink facebook in website builder

    This is happening to me as well.  I have administration rights to a facebook page that I am trying to build a website for.  It only hooks into my person facebook account when I give fb access to the new website I created here.  is there a button that will allow me to change the fb page the website builder page is hooking into?  This is very frustrating!


    Re: Unlink facebook in website builder

    I had the same problem.  You have to go into your Facebook account> Settings> Apps and delete the Web Builder App.  Then go back into Web Builder and re-link.  The link is only for the FB widget in Web Builder. You have to drag that widget from the left hand toolbar and insert somewhere on your page.   If you click the tiny FB icon usually included on a template, that only links to your personal feed as to comment on the website; not to pull up the business FB link. Thanks to live chat with Rachel for getting to the bottom of this dilemma.


    P.S. When adding the FB link you have to click OK in the dialogue boxes.  I had two.  I also checked the "Manage Pages" box as one of the boxes.  When the link activates, your business should appear in a drop down box to the right of the FB now connected icon. And I checked the box, "use with like box" so it would stream to the widget.  Twitter link does it automatically.


    Hope this helps.


    Re: Unlink facebook in website builder

    If your post relates to online store builder and not the site builder and you havent had a responce that works heres what to do:


    Go to your account and select the 'manage' button on online store, this wil take you to your dashboard, from here go to 'promote' in this section youll also see the coupons option but bypass that and just go in to the promotion options, where you see face book linking remove your incorrect facebook url ok it, now use the switch on/off button to turn the feature off, i recommend signing out of godaddy, then back in and go back to 'promote' input the correct facebook url and ok it, switch the feature on and that should do it for you!