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    Absurdly low offers

    Via the GoDaddy Buy Service, today I received an unsolicited offer for a domain that I have registered at a different registrar (though I have many GoDaddy registered domains for myself and clients). It's a 3 letter .com address which I have owned for over 20 years (it was my web development company's domain).  I only glanced at the email, assuming it may have been for one of those domains. My bad for not reading it more closely. In any case, I clicked the link in the email to see the offer. I was quite surprised at how low it is. Since I am in the business, I do know value ranges of domain names. At first I thought it was some scam because it was so ridiculous. I then logged into my GD account to read about the service.  Apparently it is a real offer. But it is so absurd, that I will not even extend the courtesy of rejecting the offer (it was not for sale in any case). I am not blaming GD for anything untoward -- they are a messenger service for transactions such as this. Just read all of the fine print. But I do believe that they should offer guidelines on how to offer a realistic bid -- there are many resources for current market pricing. Extreme low-balling is simply an insult. I am glad that the fool wasted $60. My recommendation? Don't be a fool. Do your homework. Then perhaps you may be successful in obtaining the result you seek.

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