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    Can't Afford Auction

    I got in an auction battle and I cannot afford the price that I am now obligated for if I win it.  There's 21 days left.  Website  How do I find out who owns this?  I won't be able to pay the fee if I remain highest bidder.

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    1st rule of bidding: Never go into a gun fight with just a knife and baton. In other words, don't bid unless you have the funds to cover.
    2nd rule of bidding: Cover your bid in a timely manner.

    There's really no other options. If you do indeed win, work with seller on a possible payment plan. You have about a month to get your funds up.

    go to and type the domain name and you'll see the owner's contact info. then you can tell him you won't be able to pay, maybe he can cancel the auction or your bids? he would probably find it hard to collect from you if you don't have a credit card on file in your godaddy account.

    Helper V

    Did you contact them? If not then did you send a message to Note that WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools says it is available for $20.