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    DOMAIN CASHPARKING SCAM --- ads not showing on approved domain.

    Hi Godaddy Team,

    I have nearly 20 domains on cash parking but none of them are showing ads. It just showing message "This domain is currently not approved for CashParking." Its been more than 7 days. Please help me out to get domain live for cash parking OR refund my subscription amount. .this is SCAM.i see lot of query regarding this .this is paid service not free service .we are not paying for this like "this domain not approve for cashparking"  


    thank you


    emailed  and they fixed this issue after about 24hrs

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    Hi @mastersWEB, this issue has already been addressed here. Take a look.

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at


    thanks for your reply. but problem is according to your link. i change my address as google map 10 time . and its not approved . so this is waste of time and waste of money .because  today is 16 march and i purchased cashparking  in 6 march . before 1 year ago cashparking no need any kind of google map address . in india all location not mention in google map . so your team said change your address for approve cashparking ?????? means  we show our genuinity and you want to do fraud for change my address ??  ....  duhhhh    what  a company rules .... and in which FAQ your team right . regarding for this ??? show me ......... i waste  my 10 days for approval who is the responsible  for this ... i am paying for this . bodis company also have parking and they don't want like this pacific google located address.  give me valid reason .otherwise  this is grabbing money from people . 



    thank you




    #dont have answer#zero solution#no talk for solution #always ignore#no make sense answer.


    Mine are not working two days after saying active...we'll see. Support is responsive but without resolution.

    It is about time this problem is fixed. I am having the same issue. I see other posts going back to August last year. What is the deal here? My address does show on google maps also. They take your money and then they give these problems. Get real people !!!

    emailed  and they fixed this issue after about 24hrs