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    Domain Auction

    Hey Everyone, Hope all are doing good. I bought a domain through GoDaddy auction half hour ago. Godaddy confirmed me that you bought this domain and Deducted my $$ from my master card. Still I can't see domain in My domains or Product .


    I contacted Godaddy support and after talking half hour they asked me to wait the want to connect with their Auction department.  But Suddenly Godaddy agent Disconnected they chat and Now I'm not able to get in touch with Godaddy support. Because call will cost me too much $$$$ .


    Can anyone help me regarding this issue?


    Thankyou Very much

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    Helper III

    hello Atiq97,


    congratulations on securing your new domain through the GoDaddy auctioning service. Registering a new domain and auctioning an existing domain are two separate processes. Typically registering a new domain is almost instantaneous, where-as purchasing a domain through the GoDaddy auctioning service can take some time to process.


    I bought a domain through a GoDaddy auction service on 11-11-2016

    GoDaddy has told me that my domain should be accessibly by 11-18-2016


    Every case is different and handled by a different team, so if your domain has not reached you yet, know that there is a highly effective team working behind the scenes to process your new domain into your account.

    please note that, i offer direct support that is in no way associated with GoDaddy's regular support channels; but, for immediate technical support you can contact me at:

    can anyone please help that my domain is expiring on 24/03/2017 and why it is showing up for sale in huge

    Hello @1237


    I think that why did they chose to list your domain, is a question for "huge" ...



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