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    Domain owner mis-representation

    I received an email from somebody claiming to own a domain name that was up for auction on GoDaddy and offering to sell it to me.


    Clearly this was a mis-representation.


    what is GoDaddy’s attitude to this? Will they take action against the person concerned, such as banning them from the site?


    many thanks



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    I receive emails all the time from folks offering domains that they think I may want based on the domains and websites that I already own.  While that approach may be considered a bit spammy I am not aware of any laws or rules that exist to prevent them from doing so. 


    I'm not sure how anyone can confirm with 100% confidence that an auction and the person who contacted you are not one and the same or aligned in some way. 


    So do what I do when this happens -- just hit delete. 😉


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