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    Expired domain purchased in Auctions, but not visible anywhere after 4 days



    Four days ago, I purchased an expired domain www.techmurf.com on auctions with "Buy now". Godaddy appears to be the owner of this domain. I just don't see it anywhere in my account yet and there's no indication of whether it's being processed or not. I did get an email regarding the order/payment, and I expected it to mention something about the domain transfer but absolutely nothing was mentioned about how and when I am supposed to get the domain. 


    This is the first time I am using Godaddy, and frankly it's a little frustrating that things are not so clear. At least some notification would have helped. 


    Please help. 



    they will visible on your account within 2 weeks from the day I made payment





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    Interesting, @dagudguy, normally you would have received an email by now to detail where things are at. Perhaps it got filtered or spammed out for some reason. In any case, this should help you figure it out quickly: https://www.godaddy.com/help/purchasing-domain-names-you-won-920



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    Thank you for the feedback, @T-3D Thomas. I checked the link you provided. It's for purchasing the domains that are already won. In my case, I have already purchased the domain that I won, so I don't see the option to purchase it anymore, though I do see this domain in the "won" list. The only issue is that I can't see the domain in my domains yet, so it hasn't been transferred to me yet. 


    Do I just need to wait for it a little bit longer ? 

    they will visible on your account within 2 weeks from the day I made payment





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    @dagudguy did you ever solve the problem? I am having the same issue.



    Please wait up to 7-14 days for see the domain in your account but in other cases many domains is should be fast to entry in the domain list.




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    This post is very useful to me, thanks





    Thank you all for your valuable questions and answers. This helps me lot.



    I bought an expired domain gosip malaysia also but it does not appear on my dashboard also. Refer to the above comment then I should wait for another 2 weeks. Well. Thanks


    Same thing has happened with me . It is a won domain in the auctions and i have the invoice. However , godaddy has been avoiding communication and told me verbally that the domain is "maybe" mine. Not a definite yes . Strangely its also owned by godaddy. Pls provide clarity on the matter.

    I've got the same problem. I've got a domain named howtheydo.com from GoDaddy auction about 5-6 days earlier but still I haven't got any email, notification or anything regarding the domain apart from a bill which I received just after buying. The domain is still not visible on my GoDaddy domain manager or domain transfer ins. Pls help this out!

    I see so many people having this issue. You guys same as me, had most probably been scam by GoDaddy themselves. 


    It has come to our attention that ELECTRIC.COM is no longer available and therefor will not be able to complete the transaction as agreed. At this time we have taken action against the seller and have issued a refund for the purchase of this domain. The refund will be processed to the original payment method used. Please let us know if you have any questions and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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    Above is the email i got from GoDaddy after 7 days I won the auction. To make it even more worrying, the registrar is GoDaddy and the owner I have high suspicious that is GoDaddy as well. I am not sure why a huge domain registrar would want to go out and not honoring their own product most probably when the winning price seems too low to them and they will not honor it.