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    How to get paid for sold domain in Pakistan? - setup my billing information.

    Hi, I am a new user of godaddy auctions service. I have setup my account successfully but now I am confuse about the payment method. I have checked all payment methods and I further check 2 options for payment
    1-credit/debit card
    2-checkout account

    for option 1) I have only payoneer card can it be added to first option??

    for option 2) What is the routing number in checkout account? I know only about IBAN number and SWIFT code.
    Beside these options is there any easy and efficient method to receive payments in pakistan? Kindly provide detail with answer so that I will setup my billing information successfully.



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    Bhae payoneer me global paymeny k option me ata ha routing nummber wahan se le lo.

    Thanks for your reply. I am using local bank transfer option and I have added my local bank account.