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    I bought a domain via Domain Buy Service, but when will the domain available after payment?

    I purchased a domain which is owned by someone else through the Domain Buy Service, and finished the payment on 7th.Jun. Now it has been one week, I called thousands of phone calls to different departments, no one gave me an exact answer when will it available.

    (I called general customer service several times)

    "It may take 17 days"

    "It will take 5-10 days but should be faster"

    "You should call Domain Buy Service for this issue"

    (So I called Domain Buy Service for another several times)

    "It will be automatically transferred after 5 days of payment"

    "It should be today but there might be some issue so we need to do it manually"


    (I contacted TASupport)

    "We have contacted the owner to move the domain and it may take 5-10 days"

    (I called general customer service again)

    "You should contact our auction team but I am sure it will be 7-21 days."


    Our company is VERY VERY VERY URGENT to get this domain, but I am very frustrated that the customer 1) Didn't help me to make it efficiently at all. 2) Keep kicking me from here to there. 3) Lack of knowledge since no one gave me the same answer on the ETA.

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    Helper I

    right away,so something is wrong and you can contact be if you need help or a website built because a domain need's to be built into a website and have a server,