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    !!!Problem about domain autorenew (i want refound) - domain has auto-renewed

    Hello, 2 days ago a domain has autorenew and i didn't want that. I want a refound but the chat is offline and on support it doesn't have my country ( Romania) and i can;t call on other country number.I saw that the only way to solve that is by the phone or chat.. my last change is to go to the bank and do something about that because the money are now stuck (about 20 $).

    What should i do ? Thanks !

    (And sorry for my bad english)

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    Hi @danyby,


    You agreed to the auto-renew and when you apply to your bank for a refund, GoDaddy will most likely show your agreement. This will cause you problems and disruption of service. As in your services could be immediately suspended. 

    Much better to contact support and come to an agreeable solution! If you have to call Turkey support as your nearest number, you also made that decision too when you signed up.

    Nobody here can help you.