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    Want to buy Expired Domain - "Make Offer" instead of "Add to Cart"



    I wanted to buy a domain which was available by Auction method. I am not familiar with this method, and I am not sure it was auction or something else. In start when I searched the domain, there was a button of "Make Offer" instead of "Add to Cart". I offered $50 and then domain was added in my "Bidding Domains list". Later on I got a message that other person wants 200$ for that domain. I make a new offer by "Counter Offer" option. Today when I checked that list, its shows: Current Price, 1 Bidder. Asking Price, same as I offered the last time. Min bid offer, about 4$ more than my price. Status: High Bidder. Time Left 6 Days. But I can't still purchase the domain. I am not able to make the offer by adding 5$ more. 


    I want to know that how can I get that domain? And Do I need to pay in advance? Need complete guidance about this. I never buy a domain like this before. 



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