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    When will I receive payment on my Paypal for a domain i sold via Offer/Counter-Offer

    Hi there,


    I have a question regarding how long before fund (payment) will reflect on my paypal account after I receive an email with subject "Payment Finalized" stating:


    >>>>Thank you for your participation in the GoDaddy Domain Buy Service process. The funds for the sale of domain name DOMAINNAME.COM are scheduled to be released to you on 1/27/2018, to the payment profile, you provided at the beginning of negotiations. Note: it may take a few additional days for your account to reflect deposit of these funds depending on the policies of your financial institution.


    We are closing the ticket for  DOMAINNAME.COM as a completed transaction. We look forward to working with you again in the future.<<<<


    For history, I received this email on 1/26/2018. I received an email that the buyer has completed payment on 1/24/2018, I initiated the domain transfer the same day and then, I received a "Change of account confirmed" email on 1/25/2018.


    Shouldn't it reflect on my paypal when the last email says: "scheduled to be released to you on 1/27/2018"? When paypal usually reflect funds that you receive the same day.


    Thanks for the help that can be provided here.


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    Hi @slashingedge, thanks for posting.

    Members of the community do not have access to account details. You will need to call Support to review this if you still haven't receive the funds.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 Support | Check System Status