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    Website not visible on google

    Hi so my website is now live but when I type in the name of the website or certain words from the website it’s not bringing anything up on google search, why is this? And how do I promote it on google?

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    Re: Website not visible on google

    Hi @RagdollTails,


    What platform are you using to build your site?  That will determine your next steps to get a good google listing.


    Regardless of platform, you have to let Google know you are there AND that you have good content.  This typically does not happen overnight.  You will need to do things like make sure your keywords and descriptions are available to Google in the page (meta tags), that you have H1 (H2,H3) tags for main topics, the correct length description and quite a few other basics.  Tools like GoDaddys Search Engine Visibility are good starting points.



    However, outstanding content that is appropriately linked has long been the key to consistent google rankings.  Here is a link to one of my go to resources for SEO techniques.  



    While there are quite a few good WordPress plugins that help with SEO, keep in mind the basic principles described here are for ANY site.  Before you spend a ton of time doing SEO tasks, take some time to read up or look at some videos.  Having an SEO strategy determines how you structure you site SEO.


    One key concept is that you're not just promoting a site, you are promoting a Business.  Promotion focuses upon the unique selling/characteristics of the business.  I know I didn't give any specific answers here, but the topic is so broad a little bit of  background information is necessary to answer your questions.   Whether you do it yourself or you hire someone, YOU the business owner needs to know what you are going to be investing in so time spent educating yourself will be very worthwhile.   Be a bit patient in getting to the top of Google. 


    Hope this helps,


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