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Domains I searched for are no longer available.

Fraud alert


I called and added 47 domain in my cart to buy becuz it was cheaper to buy the $125 package when u buy over 40 domains... And get each domain for $ 8


Smpcompany was stolen

Smptraining was stolen


I had bouhgt domain starting with smp and speaking with a guy over the phone seem to have never but the domains in my cart after speaking with him for 30 mins I looked at domain and the ones I had been waiting for him to manually and added 47 smp state names in front of the word smp to my cart so I cant check out


My domain I added to my cart before I spoke with him became not avalable and my 47 state he claimed he was putting in mycart so I can check out was never put in my cart..


Smpcompany.Com takes you to http://fencerowcapital.Com/


Shawn murray off st louis.. I wonder if I had called the godaddy in st lous and someone was behind of attempt to buy 47 domains..


I own 41 domain now in rarecards.Com I also have 1 domain in scalpaestheticsdearborn.Com..


Godaddy please look at my domain and two customer nuymber to track down that call and make it right.


Godaddy this is not right and does not add up


Shawn murray


248 850 6040

248 850 6975

313 333 6262





Help me understand

248 850 6975 raymond

313 333 6262 ali

Email me us rarecards@icloud.Com



Go daddy tell u youy can save money if you call in and add bulk domains paying 125 and buying over 40 you can get them for $8


Did you know I spoke and was on the phone while this guy was adding united state names infront of the 3 letters smp.



Smp website I added to my cart before I made the phone call started becoming not avaiable..


He never add my 47 items to check out and


Shawn murray
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Domains I searched for are no longer available.

Hi @missingdomains. Sorry you're having a difficult time with your domain registrations. Please keep in mind that this is a community forum. Users here would not be able to help you with anything account specific. If you would like any account specific review, please connect with our customer care team


In looking at what you've said, it sounds like you somehow got disconnected from support. I'm not sure what would have happened with the domains you wanted to be added to your cart. However, in looking at Smpcompany.Com specifically, that domain was initially registered in 2008. As for, that domain was registered in 2017. If there are other domains you're concerned about, you can look up their current status and registration date (if already registered) on a WHOIS lookup, like the one available at ICANN


If for some reason those domains appeared as available on our website, then it was probably just cached information. Also, sometimes our website's connection to the registry is delayed or interrupted, which can cause search results to become inaccurate. I hope that helps. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.