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Switching domains from "for sale" to "7-day auction"

I'm finding it hard to navigate and understand the rules of the GoDaddy interfaces for selling and auctioning domains. It appears to be multiple different interfaces, accessible through different doorways, but through none of them can I find out how to change my "for sale" listing to the 7-day auction. When I tried to list it as a new domain for auction, I received an error message saying it's already listed for sale. However, I could not find any way to edit the type of sale. Can someone tell me how to list a domain for 7-day auction which I presently have listed for sale? Do I need to delete it from the "for sale" listing and start over? 


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There's a great article that explains all the different listing options you can choose in order to sell your domains. There's a link near the bottom that will take you to the 7-day listing instructions. And if you need to first delete the domain out of auctions, you can follow the steps here



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Thanks. I already read that article before posting my question. What it does not answer is how to move my domains from "for sale" status to "auction" status. When I open the editor, it shows no option to change how they are listed. I will try deleting them from the "for sale" status, and then going back in and seeing whether I can list them for 7-day auction, instead.