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Why do .uk domains never appear in search results?

On when I search for xyz it shows me as the top result but it never shows I'm selling some .uk domains through the Godaddy domain listing service but nobody will ever see them due to this bug.

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Warning @Weeks, I don't know the difference between a sarong and a sari. So if my answer turns out so wrong know that I'm sorry.

.uk started off for government use like the US .gov and it was initially only used for government domains for the UK. The civilian ccTLD was/is (as you already know). In 2014 .uk domains became available for purchase to the public. Initially there was a five (5) year period where the holder of a domain could also choose to acquire the equivalent .uk That five year period stopped in July 2019 and now the eligibility for .uk domains are more broad.

As to why they don't show when you search I would just say they are new? Basically search engines are built for and perhaps .uk domains will eventually be as well? I'm not sure if .uk will win out over but time will tell. I hope that helps?

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Thanks for reaching out @Weeks. If you could provide some specific examples of what you're seeing that would be helpful. If I can reproduce what you're seeing, I'd be happy to pass the information on to our Aftermarket team. 


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Hi @JesseW , an example would be searching for vehicleexciseduty on The top result is  being available to register. This is correct. I would expect the second result to be being available to purchase through GoDaddy's Domain Listing Service (via Afternic). However the .uk domain is never shown in search results (unless explicitly appended to the search string).  The .uk domain is the UK top level domain so I think it should always be shown to visitors. Does that make sense?  Thanks.  Regards, Simon.