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Domain Auction Fees

I listed a couple of domain names for sale.  Then I thought I would look at the process for bidding on them.  It turns out there is a $69 fee for entering a bid. That is when I started the process of bidding there was a $69 item placed in my shopping cart.  So if you want to sell a name for $100 the bidder has to pay $169.  Am I missing something?

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Domain Auction Fees

Hey there @Saberman 


It sounds like you're confusing Domain Auctions with the Domain Buy Service.


The Domain Buy Service charges $69 plus a commission fee to go out to another domain owner and attempt to buy the domain from them when they're not trying to sell it. They basically negotiate a purchase price for you if they can.


On Domain Auctions, if you list your domain, I can do a search, find it, and purchase it for whatever amount you set for it. That only costs like $5 a year. 


So, no, if you list you domain on auctions, I don't have to pay a $69 buy fee. I pay whatever you charge plus the cost of registration and transfer, I believe. Two completely different services.

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Re: Domain Auction Fees

Another question. I have a domain name,, that shows
an estimated value of $1300 in Domain Manager. I listed it for auction.
When I look at it in the auction area it does not show estimated value. Is
there a reason?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Domain Auction Fees

Hi @Saberman. Good question. Currently, the estimated value only appears for domains that have been added to the auction as an expired domain listing. There isn't yet a way for customers to add this feature, but we hope to add it in the future. 


Also, one further point of clarification. If you post your domain with a buy now option, anyone can purchase it, even if they don't have a GoDaddy Auctions membership (the charge @MrVapor mentioned above). This is also true for domains listed under Premium Listings


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