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GoDaddy Auctions, Charged Automatically After Losing Auction!!!

I was charged automatically for winning an auction after being outbid by 2-3 different people. 


I got a personal email by a broker working in GoDaddy Auctions, asking if I was still interested in this domain since I was the "2nd highest bidder" of $4000, and that I had a 24 hour opportunity to purchase it if I still wanted it. 


This email was sent 1 week after I had already lost this auction. I had already purchased other domains meantime. 


Now I had missed this email by the broker (due to sheer amount of emails I get per day) but my account today has been charged $4,000 and obtained a notice that the transfer was complete. I DID NOT AGREE TO HIS PROPOSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER MANUALLY PAID FOR THIS DOMAIN, IT AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED MY BANK CARD. 


This is CRAZY! If I suddenly win all my auctions that I ever bid on because the winner didn't pay, I would go BANKRUPT!



Super User II
Super User II

Re: GoDaddy Auctions, Charged Automatically After Losing Auction!!!

@Maximmalcon I bid on hundreds of expired auctions per month and have had this happen but I've never been automatically charged. I would email for assistance in getting a refund.


Re: GoDaddy Auctions, Charged Automatically After Losing Auction!!!

Thankfully they understood the situation, if anyone has this happen to them. Make sure to email Because when I called them, all they did was say they couldn't do anything for me, which made me panic since I was NOT expecting this charge. 


However when I emailed, they escalated the ticket to someone in a higher position who can look into the situation and resolve it.




Yes, $4,000 automatically charged for an auction I had lost a week ago is a scary thing. Especially when you already spent in on other domains that interest you. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: GoDaddy Auctions, Charged Automatically After Losing Auction!!!

Glad we got you taken care of @Maximmalcon@justingodfrey is super experienced and always gives good advice. Come back to the Community forums again if you need some help. Take care and Happy Holidays to you!