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How long until domain is available again after refund?

I had purchased a domain name through godaddy. Then decided to purchase it through my hosting provider. I have never done this before and didn't realize there was a hold on new domains before transfer. Does anyone know if it will be released back into the registry and if so how long that usually takes? It was refunded to me within a few hours of purchase.

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Re: How long until domain is available again after refund?

I generally find that GoDaddy records new domain purchases with ICANN almost immediately. That is generally great but in your case @TinyJessie that is probably a bad thing. As far as I am aware you can't take time away from a domain term so depending on the timing it may be registered for a year or better. I don't know the timing specifics of the domain in question but know that it could be some time before the domain is again available.


Run a query in the WHOIS at or You should find the current registration information there. Be also aware that it could go back for sale tomorrow? I hope that helps? 


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