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I've a Problem With GoDaddy Auction Payment Options

So I'm about to sell my domains and the only payment options available in my country is good as gold (My Paypal is restricted to $1500 and I don't have a domiciliary account so i can't take cheques). if I choose Good As Gold as payment option for commissions, will I have to pay the $100 set up fee first or would that be after I've made the sale?


P.S. I don't have $100 


Re: I've a Problem With GoDaddy Auction Payment Options

Hi @eresylva,


Yes, you will need to pay the $100, but it is not a fee. It is a deposit against future purchases. There are fees however for your money transfers. The Good As Gold account is like a checking account into which you deposit funds as needed in order to make your purchases. Please see the article here that will tell you more about the Good As Gold payment method for your account with us.



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