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Copying NS settings from previous register

When we moved a domain from another register, it took "up to 7 days" to go through with confirmation, and after it was suddenly confirmed at night, it was switched to godaddy with godaddy's default settings and locked with some more pending confirmations. All the time between the switch and it was confirmed (and i got an access to change DNS), DNS settings were pointing to godaddy's parking, and the site and the mail were not working.

Now we need to move another domain and this one is much more sensitive. Is there a way to copy NS settings from old register to godaddy while the transfer, so site and mail would be available without interruption?


Hello @VladimirAverin!


Thank you for posting. When you transfer a domain to us, it should always retain the DNS information, if possible. There are times that the information will be dropped for reasons unknown. It's best to record all the information prior to transfer so that, if it's lost in transfer, you can update it right away to avoid downtime. 



Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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thanks for the answer. but this is the issue actually. i CAN'T update it right away. it takes any time within 7 days, even if i monitor it (what i did) - it will be some downtime.

so, if i understand you correctly, such case is rare and you suggest to take a risk and hope DNS records will be copied this time?