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DN Registered w/GoDaddy -Pointing to Wix - Want to Redirect to SmugMug - Nameservers Aren't Managed

Domain ( is registered with GoDaddy.  I created a WIX website and had the domain pointed to Wix.  I have created a new website on SmugMug (will be deactivating the WIX site) and want to have my domain point to SmugMug.  


I am following directions on GoDaddy to connect my domain to SmugMug but I believe those directions are for a domain that has is not already being directed.  I'm running into an error that states "We can't display you DNS information because your nameservers aren't managed by us."  


Below that message is lists the Nameservers: and   There is a 'Change' block that is clickable.  When I do, it present the option to 'Change Your New Nameserver Type" and this is where I lack the expertise to go forward.


Really appreciate any help - thanks 🙂




Hello there alshearin,


I understand dns can appear complicated if you don't have experience dealing with it. 

The process depends on how smug mug instructs you to do the setup. To elaborate on the nameserver option you are looking at the "nameservers" dictate where the "dns" settings will be managed. 


So therefore if they are pointed to wix your dns settings are managed with them. You have the option to default it to the godaddy nameservers and that will allow us control over the dns and all the records that dictate how your domain is setup to resolve. 


If you choose to default the nameservers it breaks the connection from wix. If smug mug gives you nameservers you can point the dns to their system and then they will be in control. 


Some providers only require you to update the IP address in which case you can default the nameservers and then modify the "A" record to the ip address that smug mug gives you. 


I hope that clarify's the process and dns a bit. 

Mike L. | WebPro