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DNS issues

I became the tech guy for the group and they want me to fix the website. I am looking at the settings and have found out that our DNS is going through another group called 1&1. No one in the group knows anything about this and therefor I can not log into our old group profile. Is there any way to link the 1&1 DNS to my GoDaddy domain without logging into the old DNS site?


Re: DNS issues

Greetings @WCPD,


Sure, you can do this for the DNS itself (you may find a need to manipulate other zone file records). For this reason, many people choose to register and host together (one number to call). I know this is not a near-term solution in your case. Anyway, here's how to point a domain with us to an account hosted with others:

I hope that helps,
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DNS issues


I just hosted a domain with godaddy yesterday and today I create a new subdomain and uploaded my files as well but I am getting error when I am running my domain and subdomain. What to do with DNS settings.

The error is

This site can't be reached

Server's DNS address could not be found

Please help me.


Re: DNS issues

Ok WCPD I see your like me jaja we team up and then end with task that might overwhelm you with your other tasks but the reason is to get hands on experience versus documented experience; the interested thing is i found this while learning and reading so forwarding methods and your situation about settings from an old DNS server intrigued me and I'm guessing held  routing information you set. If you haven't done yet or updated this post this is what my limited knowledge suggest. Do you have the IP of the old DNS? Did you keep the hosting with them?  if you do have the information for the old go ahead and ADD the 1&1 servers within the GODADDY nameservers list.


Godaddy has some help files about changing nameservers that I think might search the help section in the mean time try this possibility:


1)GO TO DNS Management page, under Nameservers, click Change.
Under Choose your new nameserver type, select Custom. Also keep this in mind; you might be able to set your A record to your old 1&1 DNS. Im just giving you ideas that might give you the solution your looking for.


2) For your domain or subdomain to forward, its A record must be pointed to GODDAY NAMESERVER


DNS Offsite issue



We have bought this domain name from pknic thats .pk domain provider they dont have their DNS servers.

We are hosting this site in our own web server so we have our own public IP.

We are just using DNS offsite services from Godaddy to point that to our server's public IP, issue we are facing is after week we are not able to resolve this.

Which DNS entry should be enter their at pknic i-e

or something else?

Re: DNS issues

hi Thomas , 

I have a issue in my website DNS when i enter my website address its redirect to a godaddy page every time when i enter my website address i face the issue.