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Domain Transfer-in Nightmare


Have run into a major problem with transferring-in a domain from the NetSol/Webcom crime syndicate. First step is to request an Authorization Code from the primary Registrar and unlock the domain. That was instant and worked smoothly. However, once I set up the transfer order and paid GoDaddy for the hosting I have been unable to complete the transfer. It appears that GoDaddy adds another level of security - a Transaction ID. To complete the transfer, GoDaddy sends an email to the primary Registrar who confirms the ownership and then sends an email to the domain administrator with this secret Transaction ID, thereby making the whole Authorization Code a useless act without it. Unfortunately, that mysterious email has never been sent or received on our end. Hence, we have been stuck in transfer limbo for over three weeks! GoDaddy insists that the emails are being sent and NetSol insists that the domain is unlocked and that they have nothing to do with GoDaddy services... and around and around we go. Anyone else have this problem and find a solution?


The email is sent to the contact listed in the whois for your domain. Your current registrar should let you update that email address without locking your domain for transfer if you need to.

Thank you. I am aware that is the protocol. However, while that private server email can and has received email communications from both Godaddy and NetSol and hundreds of other servers without any spam blocks, for some reason GoDaddy's Transaction ID email service does not function. GD Tech support has suggested changing the domain owners email to a GMAIL account. Unfortunately, while that may sound like a valid solution, it affects our NetSol account as an update to the account WHOIS record puts a 60 day transfer request LOCK on ALL domains! Further, the admin account has a secondary email account that is a GMAIL and does receive communications, even the receipt from GD for the 3 year registration. So the GD Transaction ID email should be received, if not by the primary domain account email, by the secondary GMAIL...