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Glaring gap potential in transfer...

So you have decided to transfer your Domain. You initiate the transfer, pay for a number of years hosting set the necessary auth code, then you wait.

The problems comes when you don't have the ability to set the DNS in advance of the transfer. The transfer may take up to 7 days but there is no way to make sure the transfer is seamless if you can't set up the proper DNS in advance.

Is this the accepted case or is there a way to set up DNS in advance to assure a seamless transition?

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Re: Glaring gap potential in transfer...

You can add DNS hosting for the domain before transferring.


Also note the bulk of the wait while transferring the domain is for the previous registrar to approve, you can check if there's a way to manually approve within your account there.

Re: Glaring gap potential in transfer...

Thanks for this info... It allows creating a Zone File type record but not changing the Domain Server. BUT this will work till the Domain transfers as I redirect based on the CName (thanks to your suggestion/reply).

End goal was to point the Domain to NameServers at 

Regardless, things are in a better state now.