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How to get the codes needed for a domain transfer?

Placed an order at for domain transfer. Received email confirmation but no necessary code(s) provided in order to start the transfer. Will I receive a separate email for this code(s)?


I'm just not a 'phone' person, but no emailing customer service available.

Thank you in advance.








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Hey @stadiumrocks,


GoDaddy only supplies part of the information for transferring a domain, the other portion comes from the current domain registrar and has to be requested. What you have received from GoDaddy would have been the just the purchase codes. Generally the authorization code/EPP code/transfer key (it is called several things by different companies) will only be emailed to the account currently associated with the domain and it should be forwarded to you.


Once you get it you can follow the instructions to Transfer domain names to GoDaddy. Hope that helps?

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I bough a domain through godaddy auction but can't transfer it to my account.
Godaddy is asking for some code which I can't get because the seller is unknown to me.
Could you help?


I purchased S-Tcorp and it doesn't show up in my domains!!!!