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Point existing website / domain to new server

Hello, I have an existing Godaddy website ( that I am transferring to an better GoDaddy server plan. (hosted on right now).


I have uploaded and configured the website as I want it on on the new cPanel server, but am a little confused as to what is next to point the domain to the new server.


I am looking in cPanel and see on the new server an option for "Primary Domain", is it as simple as switching that from to  Or do I need to go into the domain manager and update the DNS from there?



Community Manager

Hi @npavlovits. Updating the primary domain on your cPanel account should be enough to get the DNS updated automatically. However, you may want to be ready to change the A Record for the domain just in case there is a problem. Also, please keep in mind you'll need to remove the domain from your old hosting plan before you'll have the option of setting it up as a primary on your new account. 


In addition to the above, you may or may not need to make changes to your website scripting. Some applications (like WordPress) are heavily dependent on the URL that is used for the site. Your CMS may have settings you need to update if you're changing the domain of the site. 


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