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Problem transferring domains to Godaddy

Hi, I'm from New Zealand and have purchased several domains from Godaddy.


If someone from Godaddy's technical support team reads this... Please allow me to transfer domains that I have purchased from a New Zealand domain retailer across to GoDaddy!


It's ridiculous that I can buy domains from GoDaddy, but I can't transfer domains into my Godaddy account.

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Hi @gbellnz,


Nobody from tech support will read this. 

So I suggest calling support actually.

I'm in exactly the same situation 😞

Hi @TheNickP,


Welcome to the Community!

We're sorry, but GoDaddy does not currently have an agreement with the .NZ Registry to transfer the domains to an account with us. 



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi @TLH,


Can you tell us when GoDaddy will obtain an agreement with the NZ Registrer to support transfer of .nz domain names? Or what is the reason that GoDaddy doesn't have this agreement? Is GoDaddy actively working on obtaining this at the moment?


Many other international registrars support hosting and transferring .nz domain names. I see no reaso nthat GoDaddy shouldn't be able to also.

Hi @TLH,


can you please provide more details on the potential availability of .nz domain transfers to GoDaddy.


We are in the process of consolidating domains from 4 different domain registers to GoDaddy and we just found out that we will not be able to finalise our consolidation for the .nz domains.


It would be good to know if this won't be an option any time soon, as we can make other plans.






Hi @NedB and @GermanKiwi,


We do not have a timeline for the inclusion of .NZ transfers at this time. We do not wish to give you misleading information in suggesting it will be in the near future. You may read more about our options with that CCTLD here.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi there,


I'm also wanting to consolidate all of our domains on to Godaddy, but apparently can't. I was hoping to shift about a dozen across, and organise them with EV certs etc. Having them split away from Godaddy makes things difficult.


I tried following the link provided above, but it didn't work. Can this please be looked in to so I can learn more?


I also want to transfer my domain , to Godaddy, but the problem is that I do not want to lose the traffic as well as the ssl certificate.

Hi @dogsdb, please note that this thread is specifically for the topic of transferring New Zealand "" domain names to GoDaddy, not .com domain names like yours. You might want to create a new thread for your query, or contact GoDaddy's customer support for help.