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Setting up an email after a domain transfer

Hi Everyone.   I am transferring a domain to Go Daddy for the purpose of saving the email. Once I get the domain to Go Daddy, can I set up emails with it, or do I need to get hosting for that ? If not, can I forward an email ?  Are there any options other than getting hosting. 

Thanks for the help in advance.


Re: Setting up an email after a domain transfer

Greetings @magz,


First of all the transfer will give you a lot of flexibility, whatever you wish to do. You can have email without a full hosting account if you choose, and you can forward to other accounts as well. One caution regarding email, is this processed through a third party at this time? In other words do you have a service you are bringing with you? Otherwise you may need to have an email client to "bridge" the old and new systems.

I started to make some recommendations, but then I realized there were many variables to consider.  The best suggestion I can make is to have 24/7 Support look at and recommend the best solution for you. The free support comes with your account anyway, why not?


I hope that helps,


Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Setting up an email after a domain transfer

That's true Thomas.  When I started looking for the support, I found the forum LOL.  So I guess ill have to find the 24/7 support 🙂  Thanks for your help. Im at least glad to know I won't have to pay for another hosting account.