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Transfer Out

After spending 45mins on chat I finally managed to get a result or so I thought.

Got an email,

The domain(s) you're monitoring just got Unlocked.

You can view the latest activity in your Domain Manager. Just go to Buy & Sell > Backorders and Monitoring.

Been there and nothing

There are no active Backorders or Monitoring.

On chat got this,

#38231341 please check the ticket id raised from our side.

But how and where do I check it?

GoDaddy must be desperate for customers if it makes it so hard to transfer away.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Transfer Out

Hi @User710913. Sorry to hear you've had difficulty. There isn't a way for you to refer to a ticket specifically but you should see an email about this situation if a ticket was created. From what I can see, the ticket in question has been responded to. Please check the inbox for the address on file for your account to see the response.


As for the email, it looks like you also had monitoring for the domain in question. This wouldn't help in your current situation. It is only a tool to monitor changes to a domain. Sorry for any confusion. 


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