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Transfer domain name from to godaddy

I'm newbie here, I just purchase Hosting Plan (Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel) and transferred my domain name from to Godaddy.


The question is How long do I need to wait to receive an approval email ?

And one more question: I made a mistake to transfer the same domain name twice so Godaddy charge me twice too. Is it possible that you give me one of cost that you charged me back ? and plus I already decline one of them already.

Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: Transfer domain name from to godaddy

Hi @tanheng2,

The transfers usually can take 7 to 10 days to complete.

Here you have a guide on how the process is done.


Regarding the two-purchase, you should contact support and ask them if the can refund one.


Hope it helps!

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Re: Transfer domain name from to godaddy

It solved! Including the two-purchase, thank you 🙂

Re: Transfer domain name from to godaddy

I gave up the transfer to godaddy command, now how to continue transfer to godaddy. register domain transfer, the system of data transfer notification already exists