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Transfer in not showing in nominet, dns not available on godaddy

I transferred two domains in to Godaddy. I updated the nameservers and changed the tag as instructed.


One is fine, everything updated as expected.  It transferred almost instantly.  I changed the contact to my email address and I can see the domain in my Nominet account. I can manage DNS in Godaddy.


The other one has issues. It took hours to transfer.  It has my email address as the contact but does not appear in my Nominet account.  I cannot manage DNS in Godaddy "We can't display your DNS information because your nameservers aren't managed by us."  I am unable to check the nameservers in Godaddy for the same reason.  However, on my VPS I can see the DNS zone and it looks correct.


The previous registrant cannot see the domain in his Nominet account so where it is now we have no idea.

If I do a DNS lookup the response shows that the old nameservers and old email are still in place in the SOA record.


SOA 2018101908 14400 7200 2419200 8640086400



Any idea on where to look or what I can do now?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Transfer in not showing in nominet, dns not available on godaddy

Hi @Dama. It's hard to say what's happening. Usually, transfers are pretty straightforward. If you're still having issues, I'd recommend connecting with our customer care team so they can take a look at the status of the domain. 


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