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Transfering a domain to Godaddy

I am looking to transfer a domain from to Godaddy. Their site looks like it was built in the early 1990's and that is about when my domain was originally registered. I sent them an email over 2 weeks ago and haven't heard from them. I believe I tried transferring this domain a few year ago and had the same issue. The registration of the site is paid for up through next year but it would be a big headache if I cannot get this domain transfered, and the registration expires.


What do you do to get a domain transfered from a defunct registrar?



Just looked up American Domain Registry's IANA ID (274) and their ICANN accreditation is terminated.

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Can you still login to the old Registrar account?  If so, make sure your contact information is all up to date and correct.  Unlock the domain and get an authorization code.


Then, purchase a domain transfer through GoDaddy.  As long as you can access the old account for the above, it is a pretty smooth process.


GoDaddy has a step-by-step here.


HTH! 😉

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Not sure who marked the response as the solution, but it is NOT a solution. Yes I tried that, I would assume that anyone trying to transfer a domain would have done that first. I would not have bothered sending them an email if I could have resolved it by logging in and using a function of their website. Note the 1990's comment, it wasn't an insult, it's a fact, it looks like many websites from the 1990's (yes I built websites in the 1990's). That means it was built in a time when no domain registrar had a built in option for transferring a domain (and I had to do a few back then).


The REAL solution is thankfully the domain I am transferring is under the .us TLD, and Neustar, the company the runs the .us TLD, does try to help with these situations.



Just to be clear I am not upset at the person who posted the response, just the idiot that marked it as solved, as doing so makes me look stupid for not having tried that first. I would NOT have posted the question if that was a solution.



Thanks for the update!  I do not assume in my responses what has or hasn't been done unless it is stated.  That is why I asked the question I did.


Being you never replied back to clarify or provide the additional info you just did as to what had already been done, after a while of no feedback (in this case 4 weeks) GoDaddy staff comes through and marks posts that have responses as resolved.  


I agree it may not have "resolved" your particular situation -- but how was GoDaddy to know otherwise? It is very common for folks to post, get their answers and never come back with an update.


Glad to hear you were able to get your situation sorted out! 😉

"Broken crayons still color." Anon