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Transferred in - when do records transfer across

Hi there


I have transferred a domain across to GoDaddy today with the sole purpose of forwarding to my smugmug account, when following the instructions to do this I cannot access the records page as the records are not managed by Go Daddy.


Do these get transferred at a later date? If not how can i get around this.




Community Team
Community Team

Re: Transferred in - when do records transfer across

Once the domain is listed as active in your GoDaddy account, you would be able to manage the domain settings.  If you do not have access to the DNS for the domain, that could be the result of using a different company's nameservers.  You'll want to make sure that you're using GoDaddy nameservers if you want to have access to edit the DNS.  If you're nameservers are hosted elsewhere, you would need to edit the DNS at the nameserver provider. 


If you are using GoDaddy nameservers, and the DNS options are still not available to you, please contact our live support teams so we can investigate what's happening.  Thanks.