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.es domain "needs an authorization code"?



I'm trying to transfer a .es domain to GoDaddy. In the "Transfers-In" section it says: "Get your transfer authorization code from your current registrar. needs an authorization code."


If I click "View details", it says "Transfer status: Authorization code needed." When I click "Resend Email", it says "Email sent to ." with no actual email address shown. I also didn't receive any mail.


In the About .es Domains article it says that "You do not need to use an authorization code" and that "The Whois Admin contact receives an email containing approve and cancel links and has up to 10 days to approve or cancel the transfer". However, the only mail I received was the "Domain name transfer – Initial Authorization for Registrar Transfer" mail and it came with a "Transaction ID", a "Security Code" and a link to the Transfer my domain to GoDaddy article. There was no possibility to approve the transfer.


I recently bought the domain on Sedo, so the domain owner changed. Is that the problem? Does that mean I'm not eligible to transfer the domain for a 60-day period?


Thanks and cheers,




Re: .es domain "needs an authorization code"?



Thanks to this post and especially this link, I was able to find the fields where I had to enter the Transaction ID and the Security Code. The transfer status is now "Pending transfer-in". It would be great to have that link in the "Initial Authorization for Registrar Transfer" mail, because if I click "Transfers-In" in the menu, it takes me to the transfer status page without any possibility to enter anything.


I now also received a mail with an "Accept" link and I was able to successfully transfer the domain to GoDaddy.


Thanks, cheers and all the best,