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transferring domain and email etc etc



I own a domain through and they also host the site, I have email forwarding with them as well.


How to I go about switching to GD with the web site builder, I want to start a fresh with less hassle! Also what would happen to my  email?


AS a business I would really like the email to be switched over pretty much instantly if this is a thing that can be done?


Hi @shedboy79,


Welcome to the Community,


You can start with the GoCentral website builder free for 30 days. When you have a site you are ready to publish, you can purchase/renew, add your domain, and "point" your URL to the site. Within 24 hours your new website will be live.


There are a number of different options for your email. Your best bet is to call our customer support ( to determine what plan best fits your needs, and to get instruction on making the transition as seamless as possible. 



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