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    Are the web statisics accurate?

    IMG_0141.PNGdoes anyone body have any idea what's happening with these statistics? It doesn't work out mathematically at all and the referrer is listed as my own website. Have I actually had 8 visitors today or are these numbers just total nonsense? I tried installing clicky analytics into the website and it showed far fewer visitors than these statistics show.

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    Re: Are the web statisics accurate?



    The graphic isn't displaying for me so I can't see what you are referring to....


    Have you tried to integrate Google Analytics?  Click on the hamburger icon top left, and the left sidebar opens.   Settings > Google Analytics.  Follow the links there to setup an account Google Analytics.  You then input your ID and the tracking begins.


    Your website can be a referrer if folks are clicking around within.  Stats can include bots which aren't "real" visitors.  Google Analytics attempts to not report bots, GoDaddy isn't as good at that.


    Once you get GA setup you'll have a better idea of what is going on.


    HTH! Smiley Wink

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