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    Changing Theme and Keeping Content

    I am in the process of making our site actually usable. The last person who did the design made a hot mess out of it. Is there a way I can download all of our content so that when I change the design I don't lose all the content that is currently there. I will be switching to a different design from GoDaddy and I still want most of the same information. I just want to make it readable and look like a professional website instead of the cluster fungus it is now. Is there a way to do that OR does GoDaddy store all that photo content somewhere so I can use it when I update the design?

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    Re: Changing Theme and Keeping Content

    Hi @bakertheatre, Sorry to hear that! However the good news is that you can change theme without losing your content, assuming your are updating the same site. Thanks, Christine, PM


    Re: Changing Theme and Keeping Content

    How so? Can you please be a bit more detailed.


    Re: Changing Theme and Keeping Content

    @OU7C4ST It may be a hot mess because GoDaddy changed the way the templates work and the justification of text in the last few months, which caused all sorts of issues and made everything messed up for some sites. Hopefully, they're done with that so you can make whatever changes you want now.


    Changing the theme of your site works this way. The site is made up of various sections pieced together. When you change the theme, it only really changes the section called Header. It's the first main section on your site. It will also change the color and fonts of your site, but none of the other layouts (sections), wording, etc. You can change the default color and fonts to something else usually, depending on the template you've chosen. (For instance, the background of the Slate template stays black/gray no matter what color you change to. Only the font color changes.) Each template is different so you just have to play with them. While you're testing them out, they will not be live until you Publish.


    After you've found a template you like for the header and colors, then you can add, delete or move the sections around to your liking. It's totally up to your imagination how you want to arrange them. Click on the big + sign between sections to add a section. To delete a section, click on the section over on the right at the bottom and hit the delete button.


    To just make changes to a section, you open up a section and change wording, photos, etc.  To move text from one section to another, you will have to copy, close that section, open the new section, and then paste.


    Also, you can add or delete entire pages in the menu across the top, or create drop-down menus under each page. Again this is up to you how you want it to be structured.


    Hope that helps!


    Re: Changing Theme and Keeping Content

    Thanks @Hopeful for sharing your knowledge!  

    @OU7C4ST We preserve the content you enter, even if you change to a different theme. Also, if you pick a color on a theme (other than the default), we preserve that color when you switch to a new theme. We're also looking at preserving the font you selected. When you edit each section on the site, you can also adjust the color - just select from the "Accent" colors.