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    Editing Site - Full Width Image

    I can't seem to add a full width image to my site- an image that stretches edge to edge. There are homepage header images with this ability but I can't duplicate this treatment anywhere else. There is a promo/header content block with a background image you can change but it's not possible to adjust the height on it at all (it doesn't seem to go much taller than 200-300px) and to get it to the max height you have to fill it up with as much text content that the builder allows.


    I also tried to inject my own html/css but it put my content into a weird iFrame box. 


    All in all, the design constraints for this Website Builder are overwhelming. I've created site designs in Squarespace before which has more than 10x the design features. The price of godaddy website builder does not equal the value, in my opinion. 


    Please let me know if anyone out there knows a work around or rather, if GoCentral will ever add this as a section option.







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    Re: Editing Site - Full Width Image

    Hello there @hook_outfitters,


    A lot of people who select GoCentral as a web site solution don't seem to realize it's built for people with little to no knowledge of how to put a website together. The limitations are made so that a novice can get a site online within an hour or so.


    If you face these sort of limitations and find them frustrating, that means you're not a novice anymore and it's time to look for another solution so you can design the site you want. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others fit this need. 


    The GoCentral website builder is not meant to be an end-all, be-all solution. It's meant to get you started with an attractive site that doesn't look like a 5 year old built it. Basically, it sounds like you're using the wrong product.

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    Re: Editing Site - Full Width Image

    GoCentral is designed to be super simple so that even an absolute beginner can add their content to a pre-designed template with very little time and effort.  It's really not intended for those who want to create or adapt their own designs.  Previous versions did have advanced features but these tended to get the most complaints as the target market didn't understand how to use them.  So it seems they were held out of the current generation in order to streamline the platform.

    Re: Editing Site - Full Width Image

    Here's what I figured out.  The GoDaddy images expect a certain aspect ratio.  For example, if your picture is wide but not very tall, it won't let you fit it into a box.  You need to trick it.  What I do is paste my image into a program like powerpoint.  Then I make a solid box which is taller and the right proportions to the GoDaddy image.  Use whatever color for the box that is compatible with your design, be it white or another color.  I layer the photo on top of this box, then group them together and save as one image like a GIF, etc.  Whatever your program will allow you to save. Now when you import to GoDaddy it will see the entire box as your image, and you can fit it all in.