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    Inconsiderate changes to Website Builder

    I created my website using GoDaddy's Website Builder and it took me significant amount of time to create the type of content I wanted aligning all headlines and text sections on the length.

    I paid for the Website Builder for 1 year in advance.


    A few weeks later, that is yesterday, I logged in because I wanted to reword 1 word in my web, and it turns out all my headlines are marked with "You have exceeded the limit for this field" error.


    I called Support but they said my options are, either to re-do my website (and I would have to approach it from the start and create something completely different because cutting on the headlines by half will cause the content to have no sense) or to build all again using WordPress.

    Furthermore if I wanted to cancel the builder, they wont refund because 30 days has passed.


    How is the change to number of chars in Headlines justified?